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Neon Williams, boasting decades of experience working with top production designers, interior decorators and set dressers proudly presents a most comprehensive collection of vintage signs for rental. As such, these historic beauties are not for sale; we started collecting them over 40 years ago, and they've become increasingly more difficult to find. Our signs cover all decades and styles from the 1880s to present day. Kindly inquire at our rental department for particulars, and please bear in mind these are copyrighted images. If we don't have what you need, we can make it for you.

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  • Love
  • Ice - Cream
  • Hot - Cold Subs
  • Subs Small
  • Subs
  • Pizza (9" x 40")
  • Pizza small
  • Pizza with border
  • Open (oval border)
  • Video Games
  • White Eagle Polish American Club
  • Howard Johnson's Ice Cream & Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Jimmy's Harborside
  • Hats Blocked
  • Gun Shop
  • Great Seal of the United States of America
  • Fried Clams to Take Out
  • Sport Fishing Fisherman's Landing
  • Exeter St Theatre
  • Egg-O-Mat
  • Cash For Gold
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  • Pressing